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Daniel Cormier vs. Jon Jones set for UFC 178, Alexander Gustafsson out injured

News imageDaniel Cormier will now face UFC light-heavyweight champ Jon Jones at UFC 178, after Alexander Gustafsson withdraws with inju...

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Tim Kennedy: Vitor Belfort is 'dripping' with testosterone

News imageTim Kennedy believes Vitor Belfort can't match it with the division's elite without TRT....

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Kyle Noke vs. 'Sexyama' booked for UFC in Japan

News imageKyle Noke will fight fellow veteran Yoshihiro Akiyama in September at the UFC's event in Japa...

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Seasonal allergy remedies for fighters

News imageSeasonal allergy remedies for fighters during the winter and spring months. &nbs...

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10 Nutrition Tips for Fighters

News image10 nutrition tips for fighters. Become a better fighter with these simple tips...

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Natural Protein Sources for Fighters

News imageNatural protein choices for fighters. Get to know em.....

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Show Reports

AFC 9: Barney on the Border - Show Report

News imageAustralian Fighting Championships 9 went down in Albury inside a cage...

Show reports | Zach Broadhurst

AFC 5: Results and Report

News imageAFC held its fifth event at the Melbourne Pavillion, which included the highly anticipated main event title fight between Rusty McBride and Kiwi Daniel Hook...

Show reports | Leticia Brown

VALOR: C Series 3

News imageVALOR hosted an event on the North-West Coast of Tasmania in Devonport on April 20 2013...

Show reports | Fight! Australia

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MMA hygiene tips for fighters

News imageMMA fighter hygiene tips and advi...

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Science of the Slam in MMA

News imageSlams are no doubt one of the more spectacular aspects of MMA. Get to know the science behind the slam...

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Sugar consumption for fighters

News imageSugar is not all bad. Find out how to strike your sugar balance as a figh...

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The Canadian UFC invasion

News imageCanada is producing some of the best fighters in MMA at the moment. Here's a rundown of the best of them...

Fighters | Jeff Fox

Christina Tatnell: Aussie up-and-coming female fighter

News imageChristina Tatnell is one of Australia's most promising female figh...

Fighters | Zach Broadhurst

Vitor Belfort: 'Don't let success go to your head'

News imageVitor Belfort chats about his life in fighting and rise of MMA on the world stag...

Fighters | Duane Finley

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Gym Guide

Sinosic Perosh Martial Arts (SPMA)

News imageAustralia’s very own UFC veterans Anthony Perosh and Elvis Sinosic established Sinosic Perosh Martial Arts (SPMA) in 2001....

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OnyxFit gym, Western Australia

News imageOnyxFit is a cutting edge training facility catering for both men and women, from beginner to professional fighters....

Gym guide | Administrator

Spear Dojo, Western Australia

News imageSpear Dojo is a Mixed Martial Arts and self-defence gym established in 1987, dedicated to bringing you the best proven methods in martial arts from around the ...

Gym guide | Administrator

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