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The sport has become a phenomenon in the USA, UK and Europe, with countless television programs and radio stations popping up to take advantage of the ever-growing trend.

Excited by shows like The Ultimate Fighter and frequent live UFC broadcasts, Australians are now starting to realise the depth of talent Down Under and are flocking to local MMA events.

Australian MMA promotions are now currently enjoying mainstream success on TV and are even being broadcast in the USA.

The Fastest Growing Sport on Earth

Mixed Martial Arts is rapidly becoming the most popular combat sport on television, with audiences turning on in record numbers to watch events on pay-per-view and free-to-air networks.

MMA has also exploded into the mainstream media with the UFC’s (Ultimate Fighting Championship's) hit reality show The Ultimate Fighter being broadcast worldwide to huge audiences, including 6.2 million viewers in the USA alone. And now MMA stars like Chuck Liddell are appearing on hit television shows like Dancing with the Stars and Entourage, while legends like Randy Couture, Don Frye, Rampage Jackson and Rickson Gracie are snapping up movie roles. Just to solidify the popularity of the sport in North America, Canadian UFC Welterweight Champion Georges St Pierre was recently voted his country’s Sportsperson of the Year!

The Market

MMA has certainly cemented itself with the mainstream buying public and to facilitate the dramatic increase in popularity, Australia has already seen an unprecedented rise in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Muay Thai and dedicated MMA schools that are offering cross-training to keep up with the demand — gyms are filling to the brim with people looking to sharpen their fighting skills.

As the public flock to anything related to the sport, clothing and gym brands have responded to the retail demand and exploded in huge numbers, with popular manufacturers jumping on board with their own MMA clothing and equipment lines.

Make no mistake — this is a worldwide phenomenon and this is your chance to get in on the ground floor.

The Magazine

Inside MMA is the official Australian source for the leading US MMA magazine Fight! That’s right: as well as up-to-date, in-depth coverage of Aussie MMA events, fighters and trainers brought to you by our Inside MMA staff, Inside MMA magazine will also incorporate America’s premier Mixed Martial Arts publication, Fight!

Our partnership with Fight! magazine allows us to bring you the best and most current international fight journalism from the USA’s industry leader, alongside the latest and most insightful Aussie MMA news, interviews, profiles and instructional features. Inside MMA offers Australian MMA fans the complete package of top quality local and international coverage, unrivalled by any other magazine on the market.

If Mixed Martial Arts is your game, you’ll want to get into Inside MMA.


“Inside MMA is put together by people that truly understand the sport, embrace the sport, and get behind the sport. Above all, they understand our product and its connection to the sport. We looked at other publications and and felt that Blitz and Inside MMA were the true leaders in this arena.“

Peter Antoine –

“I have been working my way toward the practice of modern MMA for just on 30 years now. It is immensely satisfying to see a publication like Australia’s own Inside MMA arrive on the scene. For any school-owners interested in being part of the MMA phenomenon, I highly recommend you have a presence in this magazine.”

John Will –
Head of BJJ Australia
MMA Coach
First Australian BJJ Black-belt

“I’ve just grabbed a copy of the Inside MMA mag off the stands, and I was pleasantly surprised by it. I think it’s easily the best Australian MMA (or indeed MA in general) publication I’ve seen, period. It has a fantastic mix of local and international stuff, with truly useful and interesting topics, as well as a great format — really great job. The fact that the articles are allowed to be long enough to have some real substance is really nice to see. The exposure you’ve given a lot of the local fighters is fantastic too. Top effort.”

Daryl Naumann –
Web/Graphic Designer
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