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Conor McGregor announces retirement, pulled from UFC 200

News imageHave we suddenly seen the last of Conor McGr...

News & views | Administrator

Live Streaming - Sunday 20th March - Arnold Classic Martial Arts Festival

News imageWatch all the action as it happ...

News & views | Administrator

Live Streaming - Saturday 19th March - Arnold Classic Martial Arts Festival

News imageWatch all the action as it happens!...

News & views | Administrator

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Sugar in the tank

News imageThe right level of sugar is very important when it comes to trai...

Nutrition | Administrator

Resolution Solution: The diet tips you need

News imageThe diet and nutrition tips to improve yourself in 2016....

Nutrition | Administrator

Foods to fight pain

News imageWhat foods are best for fighting pain...

Nutrition | Administrator

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The mental game within the game of MMA

News imageIt's (almost) all in your head...

Training | Administrator

Caffeine and athletic performance

News imageHow can caffeine affect athletic perf...

Training | Administrator

Heart-smart Nutrients

News imageThe perfect ingredients to kickstar your body in 2016...

Training | Administrator

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Hulk Talk: Drive

News imageSoa Palelei talks about what drives him...

Fighters | Soa Palelei

Dan Kelly enjoying his role as the underdog

News image The old veteran continuing to outclass and upset his oppo...

Fighters | Neil Rooke

Rizin approached Randy Couture to fight Fedor Emelianenko

News imageCould Randy Couture face Fedor in Rizi...

Fighters | Submission Radio

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