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VIDEO: Uriah Hall’s show-stealing spinning back kick

News image Uriah Hall's signature spinning back kick finish of Gegard Mous...

News & views | Administrator

Bellator Dynamite: Phil Davis wins, while Tito Ortiz falls

News image A mixed night for two former UFC light heavyweights at Bellator Dyna...

News & views | Administrator

VIDEO: Ronda Rousey's 'sexual innuendo' caught on camera

News imageA bit of an embarrassing slipup by Ronda Rousey at this week's press conf...

News & views | Administrator

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Foods to fight pain

News imageWhat foods are best for fighting pain...

Nutrition | Administrator

The best pre-fight food

News imageWe look at the best foods to eat before you go into a figh...

Nutrition | Administrator

Good carb bad carb in the combat world

News imageAre carbs a good or a bad things when it comes to combat sports?...

Nutrition | Administrator

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Work ethic - intelligence - talent

News imageWork ethic, intelligence, talent — which are more important than the othe...

Training | Administrator

Run for the hills!

News imageSprinting is one of the best ways to get in shape, but there is more to it than just getting outs...

Training | Administrator

Building a better fighter

News imageFight! Australia look at the ways you can build a better figh...

Training | Administrator

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Koscheck: Why I moved

News imageJosh Koscheck opens up about his move to Bellator MMA....

Fighters | Submission Radio

Ryan Bader: I love it when people overlook me

News imageRyan Bader feels Rashad Evans is overlooking him at UFC 192....

Fighters | Submission Radio

Daniel Cormier faces big challenge in Alexander Gustafsson

News imageDaniel Cormier faces a big challenge in his first title defe...

Fighters | Neil Rooke

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