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Jon Jones, Ronda Rousey pen Reebok deals

News imageJon Jones and Ronda Rousey sign with Reeb...

News & views | Administrator

Corporate boxing in Australia

News imageA look at corporate boxing around Aust...

News & views | Administrator

TJ Dillashaw keen on defending title in Melbourne

News imageTJ Dillashaw wants to defend his UFC title in Melbourne in 2015...

News & views | Administrator

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6 foods to maximise hydration for fighters

News imageA look some of best foods to stay hydr...

Nutrition | Administrator

Seasonal allergy remedies for fighters

News imageSeasonal allergy remedies for fighters during the winter and spring months. &nbs...

Nutrition | Administrator

10 Nutrition Tips for Fighters

News image10 nutrition tips for fighters. Become a better fighter with these simple tips...

Nutrition | Administrator

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MMA hygiene tips for fighters

News imageMMA fighter hygiene tips and advi...

Training | Administrator

Science of the Slam in MMA

News imageSlams are no doubt one of the more spectacular aspects of MMA. Get to know the science behind the slam...

Training | Administrator

Sugar consumption for fighters

News imageSugar is not all bad. Find out how to strike your sugar balance as a figh...

Training | Administrator

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BJ Penn's top 9 non-fighting moments

News imageBJ Penn's top 9 non-fighting moments by Figh...

Fighters | Fight! Australia

Classic fight: Don Frye vs. Ken Shamrock at Pride 19

News imageA look back at Don Frye vs. Ken Shamrock at Pride 19...

Fighters | Jason Hatcher

TJ Dillashaw: UFC' bantamweight top dog

News imageTJ Dillshaw's exclusive Fight! Australia feat...

Fighters | Chuck Mindenhall

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